Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.
– Romans 12:4-5

As Christians, we are members of God's household (Ephesians 2:19) called to function, participate, and minister in a particular place within the body of Christ. A healthy body requires that each member do its part well. For this reason, Christ's Church holds its members in high regard.

God, in His sovereignty, placed us in this community, among these people, in this century, for a reason (Acts 17:26-27). The members of Christ's Church are missionaries who live, eat, and breathe the climate of Martinsville and Henry County every day, placed in the culture to emulate Jesus. Members also serve within the church: during Sunday services, as children's teachers, connection group leaders, on prayer teams, offering support to the sick and needy, showing hospitality, and on and on.

Being a member of Christ's Church is really about being part of a family. Members who enter into a covenant with their local church are called to a higher degree of responsibility and service. At the same time, the elders are covenanted to assist members first and foremost, to love and lead, provide counsel and aid, as well as to pray for, teach and guide.

I want to be a member: What should I do?

1. Start acting like one. In the New Testament, the Greek word for "member" is a biological word. It is not about having your name on some list, it is about becoming a part of the Body of the Christ. It is about being connected to Jesus as the Head of that Body and finding yourself joined to the other "members" of that body (Romans. 12:5).

2. Make yourself known. Don't keep your life to yourself. Join a small group and get with other Christ's Church folks to grow together in maturity, leadership and love. Demonstrate your love for Christ and His church by volunteering. You know you are becoming a member when:
  • You come to know the folks with whom you worship
  • You come to care about the folks with whom you worship
  • Others joy are your joys and others pains are your own
  • You give yourself to building up the body of Christ.
We place a huge premium on friendship at Christ's Church. We are always learning what that means. We are always exploring friendship. We think that most of us need friends far more than we need our names on one more club roster. We believe that "belonging" is the fertile ground of "believing."

3. Get on mission. All prospective members are asked to take the Discovering Church Membership class where we examine church membership from a biblical perspective, as well as share the essential mission of Christ's Church.
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Christ's Church is a non-denominational church centered around four things: Jesus, Scripture, community and mission.
Discovering Church Membership
This class is designed to be the first point of connection for those considering Christ's Church as their church home, for a season or a lifetime. It also serves as the biblical overview of the foundation from which our theology and community springs.

The 4-week class includes an overview of our church and our core valves, with a doctrinal explanation of salvation, our vision, purpose and distinctives. This class explores church membership from a biblical perspective and stresses how this teaching plays out philosophically and practically in our life together in Christ. Classes are held as needed throughout the year.