We are a church in and for our community, and exist to be a vibrant expression of who God is – gracious, present, hospitable.

And as a church, we are part of that historical, counter-cultural community that Jesus started and continues to build, sustain, and perfect. We’re a worshiping community rooted in the belief that the historic Christian gospel is true, compelling, and promises to change our lives powerfully, in the direction of freedom, wholeness, and hope.

We seek to embody and articulate this gospel of grace, bringing about spiritual, social, and cultural renewal in Martinsville / Henry County and, through it, the world.

We believe that the gospel is not something that ‘I have and someone else needs,’ rather, it’s something that everyone needs all the time. So we’re less interested in religious ‘how-tos’ and self-help. Instead, together, we desire to celebrate the abundant, free grace of a loving God, endeavor to press the astonishing gospel of Jesus through our hearts and lives, and to pray for and serve our community radically.

Christ’s Church is a collection of people from all walks and stages of life. Our stories and backgrounds and interests are varied. But we are held together by one common bond: none of us have it all together, and true, lasting hope is ours only in Jesus.

So wherever you are on your spiritual journey, whether skeptical or mildly curious about Christianity, or whether you are already a committed follower of Jesus Christ, we welcome you.

Visiting for the for the first time. . . What to Expect

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Christ's Church is a non-denominational church centered around four things: Jesus, Scripture, community and mission.
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