Jesus calls men and women to serve His church as deacons, a word that comes from the Greek word diakonos, which literally means minister or servant. The deacons, therefore, are the servant-ministers of the church. They are biblically qualified servant officers who are called by God and led by elders. In their role they relieve the elders of some of the multitude of practical needs by caring for the congregation's physical welfare.

Elders and Deacons work together like left and right hands: with elders specializing in leading by their words and deacons specializing in serving by their works. Deacons are to be model servants in the church who promote harmony and the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace through their service.

At Christ's Church, our deacons are not a deliberative body (i.e. a 'board'), but rather, those set apart to coordinate specifically needed ministries within our church family. Qualifications for deacons are found in I Timothy 3 and include integrity, generosity, soberness, a clear understanding of the Bible, a well-ordered home, and good reputation both in the church and outside the church.

For additional study, we recommend Pastor Buck's short series, Descending Into Greatness.
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Randy Dailey
Deacon of Maintenance and Upkeep
Wife: Regula
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Nathan Knopp
Deacon of Maintenance and Upkeep
Wife: Karen
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Scott Pickett
Deacon of Maintenance and Upkeep
Wife: Chandres
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Roger Wilson
Deacon of Maintenance and Upkeep
Wife: Mary
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